Healing of a tattoo wound lasts approximately 14 days and depends on personal predispositions as well as physiological characteristics. Please note that even the best made tattoo may lose a great deal of its features due to improper care during the healing process. Adhering to the following rules will surely facilitate the entire process:

  • refrain from alcohol as well as other substances that increase pressure for 72 hours following the tattoo session; failed that, you may suffer from extensive bleeding and – in extreme cases – spilling of the ink underneath the skin or its rejection;
  • wash the skin with a clean hand at least 4 times a day in a gentle manner (never use a coarse sponge) – preferably use lukewarm water and antibacterial soap and remember not to soak off the tattoo;
  • gently dry it with a disposable paper towel – your skin should be matt, then secure the tattoo with a dressing (foil or layer that you will receive in our studio);
  • during the first 24 hours after completion of the tattoo change the foil preferably every 4 hours, each time washing, drying and lubricating the tattooed place with a suitable cream;
  • we recommend using EasyTattoo® creams which should be applied on clean skin 3-4 times a day until complete healing of the tattoo wound;
  • prevent contamination of the wound and after its sealing (approximately 3 days) discontinue using the foil and let the skin breathe freely in clean conditions;
  • do not bandage the wound and do not use dressings which may lead to a tattoo rash;
  • avoid clothes that might rub against the tattoo and cause irritation;
  • during the healing of the tattoo wound, refrain from sunbathing, do not go to the solarium, sauna and a swimming pool;
  • remember that occurrence of scabs is usually caused by inappropriate care over a fresh tattoo and it is not a normal condition. Once you tear the scabs off you may have a scar, or it can lead to a partial loss of the tattoo ink, thus it is better to leave them in peace;
  • If in the course of the healing you have any concerns or questions, you can always contact us – we can assess the progress of the healing and advise you what to do.

PS.Failure to follow the above instructions may result in fading, damage and losses in the tattoo as well as all kinds of health-detrimental infections.

It is always a good to seek inspiration in illustrations, sketches, drawings and photographs, so just around the Internet.

Avoid catalog designs and focus on individualism. You can use our experience and go in favor of an original project, created solely for you – just be open towards suggestions and trust our tattoo artists. Watch the works of our artists and check the style in which they work and what themes do they use. We do not make copies and align each project individually to the Customer, so you can discuss all your ideas with the artist during free consultations. Just let us know when you want to appear in the studio.

If you hear that something cannot be performed,  the cause is because the tattoo artist does not want or cannot do it, but because we care about obtaining the best end result.


In case of minors between 16-18 years of age, we require the presence of a parent or legal guardian upon making an appointment and making the tattoo.

We do not accept written consents and credentials from the further family (#sorry #notsorry).

For us, your safety constitutes an absolute priority. We work only top-tier quality equipment. However, as all assertions are only words, the best recommendation we can give you is the positive opinion from the Sanitation Department that makes regular controls in our studio.

Of course. As in case of any tattoo, we approach each project individually in this matter as well. It would be necessary to make good quality photos of the tattoo that you want to cover, made in the appropriate light. However it will be best if you come to us in person and show us the tattoo that you want to change. Only then will we able to whether we will take up the challenge. Arm yourself with patience, because it is easier to make a tattoo from scratch than improve an unsuccessful work. Sometimes it will be necessary to undergo several sessions of laser tattoo removal. Listen to your tattoo artist as, at the end, he has greater expertise and he will advise you how to solve your problem. If, for some reason, your tattoo is an error, do not make another one again.

First, look through the virtual work gallery of our tattoo artists. Each of them has a different style. Select your favorite one that will perform your tattoo. If you have any doubts, we will be glad to help you make the right choice. Visit our studio and feel like home. We will answer each and every question. You can appoint a specific date with the specific tattoo artists in person, over the phone or via e-mail, and booking is valid after:

  • determining the size and type of the tattoo and the body part on which the tattoo will be made
  • fixing a specific date and time
  • making an advance payment– personally or at our bank account:

Sztorm Sp. z o.o. 43 1240 1271 1111 0010 7721 2402
Remember: in title transfer type write the exact date and time and the name tattoo artist. Also, please keep the confirmation of payment.

Each project is valued individually and the price depends on the size, the place and complexity of the tattoo. We start with the 200 PLN. The session includes the time that the tattoo spends on preparing and reflecting/drawing the project or fitting it and preparing the workstation as well as the Customer for the session.

The payment is treated as a warranty to meet the agreed date.

The payment is non-refundable, because you reserve the time of our tattoo artist, however you can shift the fixed deadline 3 days in advance without losing the money.

In case of multi-session tattoos, the amount paid shall be deducted from the last session.

In the event the Customer fails to meet the date, the payment shall be forfeited to cover losses incurred by studio due to change in the work schedule.

We never send projects earlier by e-mail since the project is prepared before or during the first session – depending on the tattoo artist’s work system.

The creation of the best project for you will be facilitated by precise information about you and any material: photos or graphics.

Do not drink alcohol the day before the session. Get a good night’s sleep. Start the day with a large breakfast. If you need support, take max. one person to accompany you. The person will be waiting for you at the reception desk.

Remember that tattoos are for adults only and therefore the presence of children in the studio is inadvisable.

Do not wear your favorite t-shirt or trousers for the session, for you do not want ink spots on it. It would be more practical to wear freshly washed clothes the loss of which you will not regret.

And above all KEEP CALM & MAKE IT! It’s only a tattoo.